How One Bad Night’s Sleep Affects You

Study reveals what a night without sleep actually does to your brain

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“For decades, scientists have fiercely debated whether rapid eye movement (REM) sleep — the phase where dreams appear — is directly involved in memory formation.”

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Opioids Are Bad Medicine for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain? Make sure you are taking the right meds.

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Social Media Use Could Be Messing With Your Sleep

“A study by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine suggests that heavy social media use could wreak havoc with your sleep patterns.”

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“Migraines were destroying my life”

“Migraines affect more than 29 million Americans and are more common among women than men.”

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5 Signs That You Might Have Sleep Apnea

Ever wonder if you or someone you know has sleep apnea? Check the signs to see if you could be a potential candidate:

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How to Get a Deep Night’s Sleep

“Back in pre-Edison days, scoring quality sleep wasn’t a big concern. The human body is hardwired to wake when the sun comes up, and when it goes down, our brains respond to darkness by churning out melatonin, the hormone that helps us nod off.”

  1. Skip the strength training supplements
  2. Finish your workout by 7 P.M.
  3. Stick to traditional mealtimes
  4. Cut your coffee after 2 P.M.

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 5 Signs That You Might Have Sleep Apnea

Ever wonder if you or someone you know has sleep apnea? Check the signs to see if you could be a potential candidate:

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7 Habits of Highly Rested People

“People who get enough, high-quality sleep have lower levels of ghrelin (a hormone that stimulates hunger and makes you crave junk food) and increased leptin (a hormone that regulates energy and keeps your appetite from spiking).”


Your Sleep Cycling

Make sure you’re not destroying your sleep cycle! Try changing some late night habits if you’re struggling with sleep!

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Your Childrens Sleep

Ever wonder how much sleep your kids need?

“One in four parents thought children need less sleep than is recommended, while one in five thought children need more sleep than what experts advise” Read more here


Is Your Pet Wrecking Your Sleep?

“…Fidgety, noisy pets—who toss, turn, lick and scratch in bed—can keep you from falling or staying asleep, the same way a snoring husband can. Even if you’re not consciously waking up, your dog or cat could be causing “microarousals,” or mini wake-ups, throughout the night, which also disrupt your sleep cycle…”

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Headaches and Migraines?

Frequent headaches or migraines keeping you down? Try this type of exercise

“…migraine patients suffered from fewer headaches after doing 40-minute cycling workout routines three times a week for three months…”


Let Them Sleep!

Are your child’s grades suffering? Maybe it’s time we opt for a later start time as well!

“Research studies have shown later start times help combat sleep deprivation in teens, who naturally fall asleep later than their parents would like, and improve academic success, attendance, mental health and cut sleep-related car accidents.”   Read more here


What Your Genes Might Say

“Can’t get up in the morning? You might be able to blame your genes.”

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Snoring and Smoking

Not only does smoking damage your health and body, it also leads to snoring! So if you’re trying to quit smoking, check out this article to add a few more reasons to your list to quit smoking.


That 2016 Body!

Is your New Year’s Resolution to lose a little bit of weight. Well, a good nights sleep is required to help gain and maintain a healthy body weight! Check out the article here:

” No attempt to achieve and maintain a healthy weight through lifestyle changes — such as drinking more water and walking — is complete until we consider the vital role of getting ample sleep.”


Wellness Features for Your Home

One wellness feature you can incorporate into your home environment (that pairs well with a relaxing steam shower) is mood lighting. Mood lighting decreases depression, reduces cravings, and improves sleeping patterns.

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A Night of Uninterrupted Sleep

Wanting to improve your mood? Getting just a few hours of uninterrupted sleep might just be better than a long night of interruptions!

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The Heart Attack Risk Factor Millions Deal With Every Night

The holidays are coming up and we and your family want you healthy! Read this article for tips on how to fix the heart attack risk factors you might be dealing with every night.


Boost Your Immune System With A Nap!

With cold and flu season approaching, try boosting your immune system with a nap!

“While research has shown that a 30-minute afternoon nap can restore alertness, the current study is the first to examine whether napping has any impact on stress or immune system function”. Check out the study here:


What Do Your Sleep Habits Say About Your Driving?

“Recent research has indicated that your typical sleep routine can actually predict your likelihood of having a car accident.”

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Back to School-Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep?

It’s back to school time! Is your child getting enough sleep?

“The start of school is a critical time to get kids adjusted to a consistent sleep schedule. Most children become used to staying up a little later and sleeping in more frequently during the summer, but as school approaches it’s important to move bedtime up and get back into a routine. Inadequate sleep is a frequent problem that worsens as school starts, and it’s a problem that leads to both tired kids and parents — a very unhealthy combination.”


5 “Harmless” Sleep Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

  1. You Dont Sleep Through The Night
  2. You Wake Up From Nightmares
  3. You Get Morning Headaches
  4. You Grind Your Teeth
  5. You Do Things You Don’t Remember


What Lack of Sleep Can Do To Your Brain

“Persistent insomnia is even worse for you than you thought. In addition to the weight gain, memory problems, inability to perform, depression, and increased cancer risk that come with sleep deprivation, it turns out that not getting enough sleep also allows neurotoxins to build up in your brain, especially one protein, beta-amyloid, that can further worsen sleep and is also linked to Alzheimer’s disease.”


More about TMJ

“More than 10 million people in the United States are believed to be affected by the jaw pain, TMJ”


Here are a couple good reads about TMJ:

Some local dentists can take a variety of approaches for resolving TMJ. Here’s another good read:


Why You’re Tired All The Time

“Many people feel tired during the day — and lack of sleep isn’t always the reason.”

Check out why from this article:


Mouth and Tongue Exercises

We often give our patients tongue exercises to help with their snoring. If you thought we were crazy, check out this article:


Sleep Apnea and Diabetes

“Treating sleep apnea may help people with slightly elevated blood sugar levels lower their risk of developing diabetes, according to a new study.”

Check out the study here:


Sleep-Starved Kids

“Studies have clearly demonstrated that even a little bit of sleep loss — for example, 30 to 60 minutes per night — is enough to cause a child to have difficulties with concentration, sitting still and paying attention, all of which are required for a child to learn and be successful in school.”


Keep It Natural

Check out these all-natural tips for a better nights sleep, without taking sleeping pills!


Is Your Insomnia Causing you Chronic Pain?

“… people who had insomnia were more sensitive to pain than people who didn’t have sleep problems.”


Experiencing Tension Headaches?

If you suffer from tension headaches, check out this study to see how you could relieve or possibly prevent them…


Sleep. It’s important!

“If you don’t let your body rest, you are not setting yourself, your body, or your abilities up for success. You’re more likely to get sick or injured because you don’t have the best reaction time and you’re already fatigued.”

Snoring, Apnea and Memory Decline

Snoring and sleep apnea can be linked to an earlier decline in memory for elderly. Check out more info in this article


Becoming a “Super Sleeper”

Wanna be a “Super Sleeper”? Check out these tips for leading a more restful life.


Overthinking Falling Asleep?

Try not to overthink falling asleep. Check out this article for some advice on “How To Fall Asleep By Not Trying”


How’s That New Year’s Resolution?

Still working on your New Year’s Resolution of loosing weight? Here’s an easy way of shaving off 200 calories each day WITHOUT eating less!



We normally reccommend Melatonin to our patient’s when asked what a good sleep aid is. We choose Melatonin because it is all natural and non-habit forming. Check out this article to see when Melatonin works, and when it doesn’t.


Even more help for a better nights sleep!

Here’s 20 more ideas to help you sleep better!


Trouble Falling Asleep?

Ever wonder why it’s taking you so long to fall asleep at night? Check out this article and see if there are some changes you could make to your bedtime routine!


Common Disorders of the Temporomandibular Joint

“Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJD) has been included in the more encompassing term of Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD). There are four common occurrences that manifest in the temporomandibular joint and surrounding anatomical areas. The first of those clinical phenomena are inflammatory disorders, specifically synovitis, capsulitis and retrodiscitis.”



What Role Do Your Dreams Play?

“Dreaming is a universal, enduring aspect of being human”-Michael J. Breus, PhD

Check out the different roles dreams can play, and see if any apply to your life!


Sleep: How Much Is Too Much?

A study shows that older adults who report clocking more than eight hours of sleep were 46 % more likely to have a stroke compared to the more moderate sleepers. Check out more information from the study here:


Homemade Headache Remedies

We see so many patients come in with headpain, facial pain, headaches and migraines. We try our best to stay conservative and treat in the least invasive way possible. Since everyone is all about DIY these days, check out these DIY remedies when you encounter those awful headaches or migraines.


Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep?

“Studies have clearly demonstrated that even a little bit of sleep loss — for example, 30 to 60 minutes per night — is enough to cause a child to have difficulties with concentration, sitting still and paying attention, all of which are required for a child to learn and be successful in school,” says Lisa Meltzer, associate professor of pediatrics at National Jewish Health in Colorado.

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Need A Nap?

“Naps may be good for more than helping you stay alert and focused during the day — according to a small new study, they could also be a boon to the body’s immune system.”

Check out the beneficial effects that a 30-minute nap had on levels of hormones associated with the immune system, found by researchers from the Université Paris Descartes-Sorbonne Paris Cité.


Was Mike Napoli’s sleep apnea surgery a HOME RUN or STRIKEOUT?

When it comes to CPAP intolerance, surgery is not your only option after. Custom oral appliances help treat your sleep apnea so you don’t have to go through the pain of surgery to treat your sleep apnea. If only the Red Sox first baseman (Mike Napoli) knew his options before going through “one of the worst things I’ve ever (gone through)”.

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