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“If a patient just goes to the dentist and gets a mouth guard without receiving any additional information about how to improve or control the bruxism,” said [Dr. Jamison] Spencer, “it’s like buying a helmet to wear because you’ve been banging your head against the wall for years, without finding out why you’re still banging your head.”

5 questions you need to ask before getting an oral appliance.

Oral appliance therapy can be a very effective treatment choice for people suffering with obstructive sleep apnea and snoring. However, not all oral appliances are the same, and FAR more important than the oral appliance itself is the experience and skill of the Dentist treating you with the oral appliance therapy.

Here are 5 Questions you need to have answered BEFORE you consider starting oral appliance therapy:

What we do

Our Services

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep apnea is a potentially dangerous disorder characterized by periods of shallow breathing or pauses in breathing while sleeping.

TMJ Therapy

TMD or TMJ is the medical term for dysfunction and pain in the muscles that move the jaw. It may also affect the joints that connect the skull and mandible.

Snoring Treatment

Snoring is a major cause of sleep deprivation. Many don’t even realize they snore. It can be incredibly disruptive to your sleep and those around you.

Sleep Disorders

Our goal is to manage sleep apnea and snoring for those who are CPAP intolerant or those who do not require CPAP. To help you accomplish this, you will find information to better understand sleep apnea and snoring, along with treatments for these sleep disrupting problems. One of these treatments is the use of a special oral appliance. Dental management with oral appliances just may be the solution you are looking for.

Head and Jaw Pain

Are you constantly having headaches? Do you clench your teeth? Does your jaw pop, click, or lock? Perhaps you’re tired of taking Advil or Excedrin, or maybe they are not effective. You may be experiencing what we call craniofacial related pain. The good news is, we may be able to help. Our conservative, non-surgical treatment is provided in a comfortable and friendly environment by staff that are trained in excellence.

About Us

The Center for Sleep Apnea & TMJ

An Accredited Dental Sleep Center

The Center for Sleep Apnea and TMJ is accredited through the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and is Idaho’s ONLY accredited dental sleep center. The standards which are set forth by the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine are rigorous, and only the most qualified offices are able to attain such accreditation. At the Center for Sleep Apnea and TMJ we focus our practice solely on the treatment of sleep apnea, snoring, TMJ disorders, head and facial pain. We have limited our practice to the treatment of these issues for over 20 years. We work hand in hand with your physician and your dentist to help alleviate these issues. When appropriate, we may have physical therapists, neurologists, medical sleep specialists, or others join the treatment team in order to provide the most effective treatment possible. Members of our clinical staff have earned certification by the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain and are very knowledgeable.

Learn More About Our Process

Our Process

Your initial exam will consist of a 15 to 20 minute history review and evaluation with our doctors. This screening exam will help the doctors to know if further evaluation is needed, if referral to another office is needed, or if simple home care will suffice.

Our Doctors

Our doctors have undergone extensive training in the fields of craniofacial pain and dental sleep medicine. They are considered experts in these fields and have had the privilege of helping thousands of patients.


Our philosophy is that we never give up on patients! Members of our clinical staff have earned certification by the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain and are very knowledgeable. At all times the office staff does their best to create a friendly and professional setting. We hope you agree!


Idaho’s ONLY Board certified Dental Sleep Medicine doctors, Board certified Craniofacial Pain doctors,  and Accredited Dental Sleep Center.


Our doctors have become the Treasure Valley’s leading authority in the dental realm of sleep apnea and TMJ disorders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my insurance cover treatment?

Insurance coverage varies between plans and providers. The easiest way to find out if your insurance policy will cover the appliance is to look at your list of benefits and requirements. We are contracted with most medical insurance providers including Medicare and Select Health, so we can help you determine if your visit will be covered. In the vast majority of cases, where there is a medical need for treatment, insurance will cover at least part of the treatment.

*Note that most insurance companies consider the treatment of snoring as a “cosmetic” issue, and therefore won’t cover the cost of treatment.

Will treatment require surgery?

Here at the Center for Sleep Apnea and TMJ, we focus on finding a non-surgical solution first. In fact, we specialize in non-surgical treatments. Surgery is only considered as a last resort when all other avenues of treatment have been explored.


Will I have to take medication?

Most of the treatments do not require the use of medications. In some cases, medication may be prescribed to help alleviate some of the pain caused by TMJ.

Will I have to be connected to a machine while I sleep?

We specialize in solutions for people that are CPAP intolerant or can’t use a CPAP machine.

The best treatment for sleep apnea is the use of a CPAP machine. But in cases where that hasn’t been successful, we can recommend oral appliances that are worn at night.

Oral appliance therapy is a widely used and accepted method for treating sleep disordered breathing.

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