So you found out that you have sleep apnea. Awesome! Now what?

Well, the first thing that happened was your doctor recommended you try the CPAP machine, to which you could have had several reactions. For me, my first thought was “A machine that will keep me from choking at night and make me feel better? Heck yeah!”. Even if I wasn’t thrilled about the hoses and mask, I was excited to try it and see if I would be a good candidate.

So, without further adieu, here’s three things you need to know before trying CPAP in Twin Falls.

Have an Open Mind

I have a brother in law who LOVES his CPAP machine. He enjoys how refreshed he feels while using it that he will even take his CPAP machine on long road trips and use it IN THE CAR! I thought this was so absurd, but after asking him about it, he says that he simply can’t sleep without it! He loves the quality of sleep that he gets when using the machine. His experience was a huge contributor to me wanting to try the CPAP.

If you have moderate to severe sleep apnea, the CPAP can create such a significant change in how you feel that you will forget all about the mask and hoses. Give it a shot! There are several great Twin Falls CPAP clinics who can make the experience quick and easy.

It’s Not for Everyone

I was hoping this wasn’t true, but it just is. While the CPAP is a great treatment (and it sure is for my brother-in-law), for those who can’t tolerate it, it can often seem worse than not using it at all. This was unfortunately my experience. No matter what masks I tried, wether it was the CPAP or BIPAP, I simply couldn’t tolerate it. I was so bummed because I wanted to have that life changing experience that my brother in law did, but it seemed out of reach for me. Luckily, I stumbled across an ad for The Center for Sleep Apnea and TMJ in Boise, ID. It was a bit of a drive, but I figured if the could help me sleep and feel better on a daily basis, it would be well worth the trip.

There are Other Options

Dr. Kuehne and his staff were extremely helpful and informative. It turns out that if you have mild to moderate, and in some cases even severe sleep apnea, that an oral appliance can be just as effective as CPAP! I knew I could tolerate a small piece of plastic better than a mask with hoses, so I went through the process.

I’m happy to report that I did get that life changing experience after a month of trying different positions. I feel so much better now when I wake up in the morning and I would recommend an oral appliance to anyone who asked. If you can’t tolerate the CPAP machine, visit The Center for Sleep Apnea and TMJ in Boise, ID. I know it’s a bit of a drive from Twin Falls, but believe me, it will be worth the trip.